Friday, October 24, 2008

Six + Seven Random Things about Me

Ever since I've been tagged by Holly and Escalla to do the Six and the Seven Random Things About Me that I've been wrecking my brain to find interesting things to say. In desperation I asked for Alex's help on the matter so here there are not six, not seven, but 11 things about me that we both came up with!!

1 - I just love crime and detective series like Bones, CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order etc etc and L. is forever teasing about it.

2 - I'm very curious, when I was a child I used to search the house looking for the Christmas presents my mother hid. I got better with age but not much, now I search for L.'s presents.

3 - I hate being photographed because I never look good in photos (must be the photographers don't you think? :-P)

4 - I hate clothes shopping but I love shoe shopping.

5 - I used to hate grocery shopping with a passion. Unfortunately it was something I really have to do and it seems to have grown on me. I'm not the kind of person who goes to the supermarket once a month, I have to go 2 or 3 times a week and the problem is that lately I can't resist browsing the shelves so I go in to buy 1 thing and come out of 5. Not good for my wallet!

6 - People think I'm very patient (which I really don't think I am but I hide it well) so when I give in and "blow up" it's usually a big surprise.

7 - I have a problem with my foot, my heel hurts and there doesn't seem to be a cure except loosing weight and hoping it helps.

8 - I really like to laugh and I do it a lot every day!

9 - I have no idea what's the real size of my TBR pile.

10 - I have a big passion for chocolate and caramel, either in candy or ice cream. I gave up smoking but I can't seem to be able to give up on chocolate.

11 - I'm frequently confused with my boss on the phone, sometimes I hear a whole monologue before managing to say: sorry, I'm not her. And I did once confuse two people on the phone. But just once!!! :-)

1. Link back to the one who tagged you, write these rules in your post.
2. Post 6 or 7 facts about yourself, positive, negative or just plain weird!
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I think most people did this already but since I'm following the rules consider yourself tagged for the 6 or the 7 Random Things meme:

Teddy Rose


  1. I was the same with the Xmas presents, and I opened one or two! I was just too curious. Now I'm better but still curious, so sometines I end up discovering what I'm gonna get for Xmas or birthday and after I'm mad of myself for ruining the surprise!!! Stupid, hã?! ;o)

    The photos, absolutely photographers fault!!!! :)

    I answered a meme quite like this one some time ago. Take a look :)

  2. Aiiiiiiii, tou tramada!
    Também posso recorrer à Alex, posso?

  3. Ih ih a Alex vai ser a consultora oficial de Randon Things :-)

  4. Thanks for tagging me. Here's the link to my meme:

    I also subscribed to your blog via Google Reader and added you to my blog roll. I love your blog.

  5. Thanks Teddy!
    I also love your blog and have been following it through Google Reader too :-)

  6. My dear Ana, it took me days to figure out what to say... anyway, it is up.

    Thanks! :D


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