Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's On Your Nighstand

I'm a bit late for the What's On My Nightstand event over at 5 Minutes For Books but I'm happy to report that almost all of my books from last month's pile have been read and now I have a new pile to go through this month. I've decided to read some books I have on loan from friends and others that have been in the TBR pile for a while.


  1. Adorei o "Meia-Noite...", muito bom mesmo. E Jeffery Deaver é sempre uma boa leitura, especialmente os da série Lincoln Rhyme :-)

  2. Já estou quase a meio do The Bone Collector e no 3º capitulo do Meia Noite. Por enquanto estou a gostar dos dois. :-)

  3. I still have all the same books on my nightstand, so you have done well!

  4. Good luck with your reading this month. I have not read any of Deaver's books.

  5. Yep--it's always a thrill to finish one pile and start over again.

  6. Thanks for the visit! :-)

    Regarding Deaver I'm already in the middle of the Bone Collector and enjoying it very much.


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