Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rogue's Return - Jo Beverley

After years of living in the New World of Canada, Simon St. Bride is ready to return to aristocratic life in England. But his plans a delayed by a duel and a young woman he feels honor bound to marl even though his family is unlikely to welcome her. For despite beauty and seeming innocence, Jane Otterburn is hesitant to speak her enigmatic past....

Then treachery strikes their world. And, as Simon and Jane fig side by side against enemies and fate—on land and at sea—he discovers a wife beyond price and a passion beyond measure. But will the truth about Jane tear their love asunder?

It's been a while since I had read the other Rogue books but after reading Hazard and enjoying it so much I couldn't resist picking up the other Beverley's I had in the TBR pile. The first one was this story, the story of Simon St Bride who, when the story opens, is in America investigating a case of misappropriation of money. He has made himself quite a few enemies and one of them questions one of his friend's honour leading him to challenge him to a duel.

The duel ends up being interrupted and that same night Simon's friend dies after asking him to marry and take care of his niece. Simon agrees and even if the bride is less than enthusiastic they are married. Since this is a romance novel they are immediately attracted to each other but what I found refreshing is that Jane (or Jancy) is not who Simon believes her to be and we know that from the beginning and watch her struggle with herself on whether to tell him the truth or not.

I really liked both of them, Simon is a nice guy, trying to do the right and honourable thing. He is dependable and once he decides Jancy is the woman he loves he is totally determined to make their marriage work. Jancy is the tortured one and not only is she trying to adjust to the new reality of being part of the ton as Simon's wife when she is a nobody as she spends quite some agonising on how to tell Simon the truth. Some unexpected events occur that lead her not only to tell him but for the both of them to face it together and that was really nice.

I'm also very happy that Hal Beaumont finally had his happy end here.

Grade: 4/5


  1. I have it in my TBR pit...I'll get to it someday...

  2. It sat in my TBR for a while but then I decided to read all 3 Rogue's books I had in a row... :-)


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