Thursday, June 4, 2009

Once Upon a Time Challenge Wrap Up

The Once Upon a Time Challenge ends June 20th and I am very happy that I managed to finidh it on time. It was my first time joining this challenge and I was a bit worried about completing it because I don't read that much fantasy. Fortunately I really enjoyed most of the books I've read and I think I will definitely be reading more fantasy in the future.

Books read:

Irish Magic - Anthology - (magic)

The Sharing Knife, Legacy - Lois McMaster Bujold - (fantasy)

King of Sword and Sky - C L Wilson (fantasy)

The Ghost and Mrs McClure - Alice Kimberly - (ghost story)

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs - (urban fantasy)

I was looking at Carl's website to post my reviews but there seems to be a problem with Mr Linky at the moment so I'll try later. Looking at the main post again made me realise that there's no mention of ghost stories in the rules, I sure hope they count too or else I'm disqualified. ;-)


  1. I see no reason for ghost stories not to count, if that helps. From your review it sounds like it'd comfortably fall under the OuaT3 fantasy category. (Even if for some reason the ghost story doesn't count, you've still completed the 'The Journey' part of the challenge, too. ^-^ So whichever way it goes, you've completed it! Congratulations!)

    *smiles* I'm glad you enjoyed your foray into fantasy. There's a lot of variety and subgenres in it, so I'm glad to hear you picked out ones that you enjoyed!

  2. Hi Shanra and thanks for the encouragement. Are you a longtime fantasy fan? I loved the one's I've read, except for the ghost story actually, and I can't wait to read more!!

  3. I am, yes. My father read me The Hobbit when I was three and I've never looked back since. One day, I hope my reading pile will be more balanced as I do enjoy other genres. I just hardly ever get around to them.

    I hope you'll find more fantasy books to enjoy! Is this your very first brush with the genre or have you read others before?

  4. I have read a few before but not many. I'm glad to know there are so many out there for me to explore now.

    Never read The Hobbit, actually never read Tolkien although I did love the Lord of The Rings movies.

  5. Just wrapped up things too, though I don't have reviews yet! ;-)


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