Friday, April 24, 2009

Irish Magic - Anthology

Galway Bay - Morgan Llywelyn
A modern American woman journeys to the magical land of her ancestors ... and meets a man who is not of any world she knows.
The Harper's Daughter - Barbara Samuel
En route to a royal court, Deirdre meets a stranger whose coat is scarlet, whose hair is raven-black ... and whose passion is magnificent and wild.
Trysting Hour - Susan Wiggs
In ancient Tara, the betrothed Princess Aideen awakens from a fevered vision ... only to behold her dream lover.
Rarer Than a White Crow - Roberta Gellis
A beautiful warrior named Caer finds a lover to cherish--and to fear--when
she meets Prince Angus Og.

Finally, my first review for the Once Upon a Time III Challenge. I’ve chosen this anthology because Gellis is one of my favourite authors and I’ve long wanted to read Morgan Llywelyn, who is perhaps better known for her historical fiction titles. I wasn’t equally impressed with the stories but as a whole, it was a pleasant read.

Galway Bay – Morgan Llywelyn

A contemporary story about an American looking for what’s missing in her life. She travels to Ireland and learns more about Irish folklore and traditions. She is particularly drawn to the story of the Ron, while in the bay someone is waiting for the right time to act. While I found it enjoyable I also thought that the story was very one sided. I would have liked to know a lot more about the Ron and Irish folklore. Grade: 3.5/5

The Harper’s Daughter – Barbara Samuel

This one was more in the style of a traditional romance with some fantasy elements. A beautiful woman, promised to a king, finds she loves another but fears her love will bring about an old prophecy of blood and violence. The star-crossed lovers will be helped by a powerful warrior woman in trying to avoid the blood bath. Grade: 3.5/5

The Trysting Hour – Susan Wiggs

Again another fantasy story. A powerful spell has separated two immortal lovers in the past. To save his beloved the hero turned into a mortal with the hope that one day they may meet again and she will remember him and her love. Unfortunately she is being promised to a king and can’t seem to remember who she was. While I liked the characters, I felt the ending was a bit too neatly wrapped up. Grade: 3.5/5

Rarer Than a White Crow – Roberta Gellis

My favourite story, with fleshed out characters and an interesting plot. Angus is put under a spell to look for a woman he will love for the rest of his days. Said woman has to fulfill a promise made by her mother to the same witch to have a daughter from a certain man. When Angus and Caer, the warrior woman, meet he is determined to woo and win her and she, after knowing him better, is determined to send him away because she believes the witch wants to harm him. Not only we are kept interested in Angus plan but Gellis even manages to end with hints to a sequel. I wonder if there is one. Grade: 5/5

Anthology grade: 4/5


  1. Congrats on your first OUT read and review! I love Ireland, despite never having been. Just seeing pictures or films of the Irish countryside makes me feel happy. I can see the appeal of this collection simply because of the title! I'm so glad you enjoyed most of the stories.

  2. Hi Carl, I've never been to Ireland either but I feel the exact same way!

    Btw I'm already reading book 2 for the challenge.

  3. Interesting. I think I may give this book a read.


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