Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Vanishing Viscountess - Diane Gaston

A woman of innocence and notoriety...
The prisoner stood with an expression of defiance, leather shackles on her wrists. Adam Vickery, Marquess of Tannerton, was drawn to this woman, so dignified in her plight. He didn't recognize her as the once innocent, hopeful debutante he had danced with long years ago.

Marlena Parronley, the notorious Vanishing Viscountess, was a fugitive. Seeing the dashing, carefree marquess of her dreams just reminded her that she couldn't risk letting anyone, especially Tanner, get caught up in helping her escape. He would face the same punishment she did. The hangman's noose.

I enjoyed Diane Gaston's first two books very much and them original stories, ever since then I've been buying her books in the hopes of finding more stories that appeal to me. Unfortunately I never did find another keeper and this one was no exception.

Marlena (the name put me off a bit, it sounded like a second rate singer...) is the Vanishing Viscountess ever since she run away after having been accused of murdering her husband. In fact she is innocent, she was framed by her cousin who wants to inherit her estate and the family title.

When the story opens Marlena has been found by a Bow Street Runner and is being taken to London for her murder trial. Adam, Marquess of Tannerton is travelling on the same boat coming from Ireland when they sink. Adam saves Marlena when she is abandoned to a certain death by the Runner and decides to help her escape to Scotland after she tells him she was falsely accused of stealing some jewels. I have to say that I didn't understand why he should feel compelled to help a criminal escape, save her from dying yes but escape from justice when he knew nothing about her? He also felt attracted to her very quickly and from then on it all became very predictable. I did like the young maid and her beau who were secondary characters though, I could see them falling in love much better than Marlena and Tanner who actually deceived each other for half the book. Falling in lust yes, but in love... I wasn't convinced...

Grade: 3.5/5


  1. Marlena for me will always be associated with the American soap Days of Our Lives. Brings back bad memories.

    I liked the couple of Gaston's books that I have read, but I certainly haven't read them all.

  2. It does sound kind of'soapy'..and like you say, not very convincing. Thanks for the review:)


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