Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I've Been Watching - Game of Thrones

And I have to bow and thank everyone who told me that I had to read the books. I resisted till now but after starting to watch the series and enjoying it so much I decided to pick them up. Thank you all!


  1. Loved the first two books and the TV series ! It really was way better than I was expecting.:)

  2. I already have book nº 1, I just have to look for it because it is in one of those boxes that I sent to my parents house :-(

  3. I have watched most of the first series, but I haven't actually picked up the books yet. I will one day.

  4. Ana you're going to love the books - I'm on the second part of the 3rd book - Storm of Swords and just keep getting more involved in the world. The series was pretty faithful to the books.

  5. Marg, didn't the series made you want to pick them up? :-)

    Anonymous, I'm glad to know it :-)

  6. Sure, but I am also conscious that it is a long series of huge books and I really have enough of them on the go at the moment!


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