Monday, November 25, 2013

Craving the Highlander's Touch - Michelle Willingham


For Alys Fitzroy, Lady of Harkirk, her brutish husband is more of an enemy than the wild Scots she is supposed to hate. Her heart longs to help her husband's prisoners--especially Finian MacLachor, the intense Highland chief who bears the scars of his own failed uprising, both inside and out. With her help, he has a second chance to make things right for his clan--and and to show Alys the nights of unbelievable pleasure she's been missing....

This seemed like and interesting novella and I decided to grab it as soon as I finished the second book but I was disappointed to discover that the story told here doens't develop much from what we already knew after having read book 2.

I did like Alys as a character but I was hoping to read a more developed story. If you haven't read the series this might be interesting to give you an idea of the author's writing. If you have read it I think you can skip this one.

Grade: 3/5

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