Friday, December 22, 2006

Presents Made by Me - Part 2

As promised here is a picture of the box I made as a present for my father. He sort of collects wine and so we gave him two bottles inside this box. Sort of because he likes to drink it too :-)

I used decoupage and then mosaic crakle to give it this old look. I couldn't any design with bottles that I liked so I used these grapes. After all wine is made from grapes so it's still wine related.

Although I hadn't planned it I also made a jewelry box for my brother's mother in law and a box for my sister in law for her to store her watch collection (yes she is a collector, Swatch's mainly).

I ended up using the decoupage technique in these two also but no crackle, I wanted them to look more modern.

The jewelry box I decorated with some roses, I thought it was a classic design but not too heavy.

My sister in law's box is decorated with a blond girl (because she is a blond) and it has her name written on top - São. I still have to take some pictures of that one to post here...

Also for her sister I made a little box with two drawers for her to store her necklaces, rings and whatever she feels like it. She is only 19 and I wanted something young and colourful. Green and orange were very fashionable throughout this whole year so I mixed those 2 colors and made some flowers.

I sure hope they all like their presents :-)

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  1. Well, if they don't like their presents, you can tell them to send them on to Uruguay, that there's someone there who covets them, LOL! They're all gorgeous, Ana!


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