Saturday, January 13, 2007

As You Desire - Connie Brockway

On one of the groups I belong to we have a monthly event called the Author of the Month. Every month an author is chosen and were supposed to read one of their books and comment.

The author this month was Connie Brockway and to tell the truth this must the first time in many many months that I actually read the AOM in the corresponding month.

I'm glad to say that I really enjoyed the book I picked - As You Desire. First of all I loved how she describes the setting. It actually felt like Egypt to me. All those mentions of fake antiques, fake papyrus, all those egyptians speaking accented english... it sounded real to me... curiously or maybe not it reminded me of Elizabeth Peters's series about Amelia Peabody. In this story there's adventure, humour, a bit of a mystery and even romantic poetry!

Then the characters. I really loved Desdemona and Harry, they were real and complex people. Despite their problems they were both very active people not prone to wallow in self pity. They start the story by keeping some secrets from each other, especially Harry, and by admitting only to a friendship between them. As the secrets are revealed we also see how the feelings that link them are so much more powerful. And we are kept on edge about when they will act on them - I liked that tension!

One final word for the secondary characters who were interesting in their own right (wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about some) and contributed to create just the right atmosphere. Even Blake who was the most stereotyped.

All in all a very good read, an A-


  1. I am always late as well! I am reading Melody Thomas at the moment and I think she was the choice in October or November! LOL!!

  2. You know, Ana, this is one of my favourite historical romance books. I read it times to times and the magic never fades away. One of these days, I'll have to thank Maria Rosa for all the good reading advices she gave me.:)


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