Friday, January 12, 2007

CSI - Crime Scene Investigation

One of my favourite series on TV, and one of the few I watch, is CSI. I am absolutely fascinated by that kind of technology that allows them to find the guilty ones so easily.

I've been hearing about how much all of that is not really accurate but everytime I catch one of the episodes on TV I can't stop myself. I have to sit and watch!

This all just came to mind because I saw one more episode of CSI Miami during lunch today. I much prefer CSI Las Vegas as the character Grissom is a much more warm and complex human being than Horatio who his always using cheap lines to enphasize what he means. I find that very annoying! Is it just me I wonder?

For fans of this sort of investigation last time I checked Patricia Cornwell's site she had a small movie and questionaire up to show how these things were done in real life. I liked it too but then again I'm a big Kay Scarpetta fan so I would anyway! And that reminds me, for when a TV series with Kay as a main character?

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