Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All Night Long - Michelle Jerott

This was another book I read because of a group I belong to. Michelle Jerott is Author of the Month at the Historicalromancechat group and this was the only book of hers I had in the TBR pile.

I liked it from the beginning. A freelance photographer contacts a farmer because she wants to take some photos and do some research in one of his fields regarding an army officer suspected of deserting during the 1832 Black Hawk War.

Annie is not exactly welcomed by Rik but once she gets there they decide to get along and she even rents a room at his house to be closer to the place she wants to study. Although they feel attracted to each other Annie is afraid of commitment and Rik still has to deal with his feelings regarding his ex-wife and his ex best friend she left him for.

The historical research is an added bonus for a history buff like me and it gives the characters the perfect background to get to know each other and start exploring each other feelings. Besides the first attraction it's sort of a journey of discovery and healing for both of them.

The cover is totally wrong for this book and this is a perfect example of "don't judge a book by it's cover".

In the end a really nice read, a B.

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