Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blueberry Muffin Murder – Joanne Fluke

Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen’s cozy mysteries is a really nice series about the owner of a cookie shop – The Cookie Jar – who is always finding dead bodies and can’t resist investigating on her own.

In this third installment Life style guru and TV star Connie MacIntyre is in town for the winter festival. Everyone is looking forward to have a celebrity around but when she arrives her overbearing and demanding personality quickly disappoints everyone. When she is found dead in The Cookie Jar Hannah decided she has to find the culprit soon so she can have her store (now a crime scene) back.

I really liked how Hannah and sister Andrea teemed up, the make a good duo even if they are completely different. However I was disappointed in two things. One was the villain, there were so many people with “reasons” to kill Connie Mac that I felt a bit cheated that the reasons for the real villain were discovered only at the end, I like it when there are some pieces to put together throughout the story even if I don’t add them up till the end. The other was how Hannah keeps undecided between two love interests, one of whom has already told her he is not interested in more than a friendship.

But it was an entertaining read and if you like cookies this is the book for you because there are plenty of recipes. A B-.


  1. I too am totally over the love triangle thing. I have read up to Peach Cobbler Murder and just seem to have lost interest really. Maybe I will check to see if the library has any more in this series. I don't even know how many more are out.

  2. Oh so this on in the next books? Not a good thing... I have at least 2 more in my tbr pile...


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