Monday, March 19, 2007

Sewing Sunday - not!

I had planned to spend yesterday's afternoon sewing. And I did try to do that but things weren't coming along as they should.

Sewing should be a soothing, stress free hobby but sometimes it's like the sewing machine is trying to punish me and things don't go as I wish. Maybe the fact that I decide what to do as I go along has something to do with it. Maybe I should plan, cut the fabric and put the pieces together before I actually start with machine sewing...

Oh well, I didn't finish the project I was working on but I'm tackling it again today.

We had the TV on while I was working and there was another Prison Break episode. They finally broke free from prison. But now I'm thinking if there is a season 2 will they be arrested again or is it just them on the run?
Caught another series on TV one of these days with the same actor. I think it's called John Doe but I didn't quite understand what all the action was about.

I ended up the day with a book in my hands, now that is guaranteed to relax me!

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  1. Sewing is not stress free *sigh* ever! Just do it as long as you have fun - and sewing machines get nicer with time ;)


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