Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hide and Seek - Cherry Adair

Adair's first book I read failed to convince me but I had this one in the tbr pile and so decided on reading it just the same.

It’s more or less the same kind of plot, terrorists and drug dealers as villains, a special operations hero and an innocent heroine caught in the middle. Well this heroine got herself in the middle by going in search of her sister who was on more than friendly terms with the villain. There she finds the hero pretending to be a terrorist but actually preparing to close down the villain's operation. And, big coincidence, she had a one night stand with hero a few years ago and never forgot him (what are the odds of picking a man for a one night stand and being remembered 5 years later?).

Well although it didn’t seem as cartoonish as the previous book terrorists and special operation agents are still not my favourites. I guess I just feel that there’s violence instead of character development.

The heroine was a (big) bit TSTL and kept getting herself in more trouble but as a whole the story wasn’t that bad (meaning it was entertaining despite being bad).Oh and I really hated the last scenes, if you had to choose between staying with awounded sister or leave her with with strangers to go after your healthy lover which would you choose? The sister right? So how come we have a scene of the heroine having to grovel to the hero because of that? It was going ok but that ruined it for me. And now I’m left wondering about Dare and Lauren...after 2 C grades to Cherry Adair I should have learned my lesson shouldn’t I? But if she ever writes a book about them I might be tempted to read it. Talk about an addiction!

Also this review didn't come out the easy way, you might find that it's not at all well structured. I blame it on the contraditory feelings I had while reading this book...

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