Friday, May 25, 2007

Destination - Barcelona

After much thought and deliberation we finally decided on where to go on our vacation in June. We're going to Barcelona!

I decided to forget about not walking all day. We will still have a week to rest and go to the beach on our return.

So now I'm all excited planning everything we are going to see there. I've visited the city before about 5 years ago but it's L.'s first time. If anyone has any interesting tips to share about eating, travelling, visiting and anything else they are appreciated :-)


  1. I never went to Barcelona but I hear it's a beautiful city. I hope you have a wonderful time! :-)
    And if you like chocolate I hear Cacao Sampaka is the place to go, here's the link:

  2. There are a couple used english bookstores, including a very good one where I ahem went a little bit overboard ;)

  3. I've been there twice but when I was much younger and I don't remember any eating tips. :( I loved that city, though, and I intend to go back at certain point.

  4. Ana,
    I love chocolate so that's an excellent link, thanks :-)

    do you remember the name or location of that bookstore? It sounds interesting...

    why don't you plan a weekend there in June and we meet?

  5. Lucky, lucky Ana! I've heard nothing but good things about Barcelona. Have fun!

  6. Barcelona is one of my favourites cities! Have a great time!

  7. Já tive para ir a Barcelona mas fiquei-me pelas praias (Benalmadena)!!! Sabe sempre bem viajar, seja lá para onde for!!!
    Os livros que trocas são só em Inglês??!
    Gostava tanto de ter umas revistinhas japonesas de feltro, sabes como posso arranjar?

  8. Olá, também troco em português mas são em menor nº, se quiseres ver tenho aqui alguns:

    Quanto às revistas de feltro já é um tema mais especifico e não sei se no Bookmooch haverá, podes tentar procurar aí se souberes o ISBN ou em sites como a Amazon...


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