Monday, May 21, 2007

The Mummy Case - Elizabeth Peters

I really like this series. First it has a wonderful cast of main characters, T think Peabody, Emerson and Ramses really do make the book and I would love it no matter which plot was used. And then it's set in Egypt, to me one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Radcliffe Emerson, the irascible husband of fellow archaeologist and Egyptologist Amelia Peabody, has earned the nickname "Father of Curses" -- and at Mazghunah he demonstrates why. Denied permission to dig at the pyramids of Dahshoor, he and Amelia are resigned to excavating mounds of rubble in the middle of nowhere. And there is nothing in this barren area worthy of their interest -- until an antiquities dealer is murdered in his own shop. A second sighting of a sinister stranger from the crime scene, a mysterious scrap of papyrus, and a missing mummy case have all whetted Amelia's curiosity. But when the Emersons start digging for answers in an ancient tomb, events take a darker and deadlier turn -- and there may be no surviving the very modern terrors their efforts reveal.

Like in previous books what I enjoyed the most was the scenes between logical, sensible Peabody and temperamental Emerson, they are so much fun to read. And how they behave towards their son Ramses, Emerson always protecting him and Peabody disciplining him all the time. And Ramses always taking her orders literally! I'm very glad with the way Peters is developing Ramses as a character and I can't wait to get to the next book.


  1. Right, this one's the first in which you *really* see Ramses. Ohhh, if you enjoyed what Peters does with him here, you're going to love the next books! And when he grows up, he makes the yummiest romantic hero.

  2. I did, I really did! I just kept asking myself how Ramses could be so polite to Amelia and not show any rebellion after the way she treated him :-)


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