Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Games of Command - Linnea Sinclair

I usually stay away from Sci-Fi but Alecia and Rosário convinced me to pick this one up. I have a hard time believing in the future as a place full of spaceships and no apparent connection to our world and when I started this book I was almost convinced I wasn’t going to like it. Fortunately I was wrong.

Can she trust a man who is half-machine?
The universe isn’t what it used to be. With the new alliance between the Triad and the United Coalition, Captain Tasha “Sass” Sebastian finds herself serving under her former nemesis, bio-cybe Admiral Branden Kel-Paten—and doing her best to hide a deadly past. But when an injured mercenary falls into their ship’s hands, her efforts may be wasted …

Wanted rebel Jace Serafino has information that could expose all of Sass’s secrets, tear the fragile Alliance apart—and end Sass’s career if Kel-Paten discovers them. But the bio-cybe has something to hide as well, something once thought impossible for his kind to possess: feelings...for Sass. Soon it’s clear that their prisoner could bring down everything they once believed was worth dying for—and everything they now have to live for…

First of all I have to say Sinclair did a great job in the world building department. I was a bit lost on the first 2 or 3 chapters but once I started to understand what was what and who was who it all made perfect sense and I was totally into that world.

Second of all she created a great hero in Branden Kel-Paten. He was a wonderful person, even if he was half machine and I really liked how he dealt with Tasha and how he tried to get close to her. When the story starts he has been in love with her for a long time but lacks the courage to approach her. And she is totally oblivious to his feelings till she hacks into his computer and founds a series of letters written to her. Actually till then she suspected she had been transferred to his ship so he could control her better and maybe get her in trouble. I also liked the secondary characters – Eden and Jace – who seemed important to make them more real. Eden was Tasha’s friend and confidante and Jace knew her secret past. Eden is also an empath and Jace is a telepath which made for some funny scenes between them.

And finally she also created an intricated plot with fast paced action where there are spys, traitors and our characters don’t really know who to trust in a world where not all is what it seems.

I’m still not a sci-fi fan but I’m really happy I read this one.
Grade B+


  1. I'm not a fan of sci fi, it's probably the only literature genre that I dislike. This book doesn't sound too bad but still, spaceships? I'm not sure! :-s

  2. Neither was I but in the end I really enjoyed it...

  3. Good for you for taking a chance on something you were doubtful about. And I'm very glad it paid off.

  4. PS - Oh, is Rosario spelled with an á in Portugese? Interesting!

  5. yes it is, must have been the habit I wrote it that way, sorry about that...

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I like that Sinclair didn't have the heroine falling for him romantically before she found the letters. Having him fall first (by a long shot!) was refreshing. And the issue he had of having to keep his superiors from finding his feelings out when they downloaded his log files was a great twist. He had to be very careful.


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