Friday, July 6, 2007

Naked in Death - J. D. Robb

After several years of having some of J. D. Robbs books in my TBR pile and an even bigger period of having my friends telling me to read them I finally gave in and this week I read Naked in Death.

I did enjoy it. I liked the mystery plot, well done, suspenseful and surprising and I liked Eve and Roarke. Regarding Eve we become more or less familiar with what’s behind the bad ass attitude, regarding Roarke not so much and if this was just a stand alone I probably would have felt something was missing. Since it’s the first book in a long series I’m guessing more information will become available in later books.

One of the things that stopped me from starting it sooner was because futuristics usually have little appeal to me. The future is a closed door and I find it really difficult to believe in most futuristic scenarios enough to enjoy the story. However this future is not so different from what we have today, they have quite a few more gadjets (I want an Autochef!!!), guns have been banned, there’s off planet travelling and the criminality rate is a lot lower but in the end social behaviour seems more or less the same.

The book is written like a romantic suspense and the hero and heroine meet because Roarke is considered a suspect in one of the cases assigned to Police Liutenant Eve Dallas. The granddaughter of a powerful senator is found murdered and it soon becomes a high profile case due to her family connections and the fact that the murder was committed with an old fashioned revolver (they became collectibles in the future). Soon another murder follows the same pattern and Eve fears a serial killer is on the loose… she tries to advance her investigation while at the same time she is plagued by images of a past case and her own problematic childhood. Roarke is a billionaire with a mysterious past and the power (and money) to make everything happen and who can’t stop thinking about Eve almost from the first moment they meet.

Grade: B+


  1. I'm waiting for this from Bookmooch and I'm so curious due to all the talk surrounding the books!

  2. It's a loooong serie but I really liked the first 3-4 books. On each one you learn a bit more about Eve and Roarke and it's also one of the reasons who keeps you reading.;-)

  3. Oh, I can assure you, we find a lot more about both Eve and Roarke in later books. In fact, you'll get to know them more in depth than any other characters. And the cool thing is that you'll see them grow, too.

    BTW, I KNEW you'd love the Autochef!! *g*

  4. Ana,
    I hope you like it too!

    Oriana and Rosario,
    I'm looking forward to read the next books :-)

  5. I love this series. I honestly thought it would fizzle out as the number of books climbed, but JDR is amazing at keeping things fresh. As Rosario said, we find out more about Eve and Roarke and we get to watch them grow.

    Like you, I've always been rather skeptical of futurisitcs, but these are so believable. I find it entirely possible that our future is just as is described here.

    Good review.

    BTW: Sorry I've been MIA in commenting. I swore I added you to my google reader, but realized I was wrong today. SORRY! :)

  6. No worries Holly! Thanks for coming by :-)


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