Thursday, July 5, 2007

How Addicted to Coffee Are You?

I know I used to be a lot more addicted when I was working in Lisbon. I easily drank 3 or 4 expressos a day. Now that I work in the country and everything is much more relaxed I usually drink just 2 cups and in the winter I often change to tea. Even so when I saw this quizz i just couldn't resist taking it :-)

I guess I'm still very addicted at 69%...


  1. I'm 85% addicted, which is much less than I thought I would be. :)

  2. 86%! Aargh! Didn't realize I was that good - bad - whatever!

  3. LOL you both are a lot more addicted to coffee than I am! I wonder how much I would score if the question was addicted to chocolate ;-)


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