Monday, August 20, 2007

Quick Book Meme

I've been tagged by A. to do this meme so here we go:

1. - Total number of books I own:
I'm sad to say that I have no idea. I write down how many I have still TBR (170), how many in the trade box (94) and I'm in the process of cataloguing my keepers (85 so far but I have as much to go through) but this only applies to my english books and I have as many more in portuguese...

2. - Last book I bought:
Since joining Bookmooch I haven't bought many new books. I think the last one was Karen Rose's Don't Tell.

3. - Last Book I read:
Elizabeth Chadwick's Lords of the White Castle

4. - Five books that mean a lot to me:
A very difficult question this is. Books mean a lot to me for very different reasons, sometimes it's about the book, others times it's about the time I read it in. Sometimes is because they make me laugh and other times because they make me cry. For all of these reasons you can see that there could be (and there are) lots of books that mean a lot to me. It's hard to just pick 5!

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice

Marion Zimmer Bradley - Mists of Avalon

Fernando Campos - A Casa do Pó

Ken Follett - Pillars of The Earth

Diana Gabaldon - Outlander

Now I feel like rereading all of them... and if I could pick a 6th any Chadwick would do.

5. - Tag 5 people
Let's see who hasn't been tagged yet...
Leya from Wandeca Reads,
Joanna from Carpe Omnia...Ad Libitum,
Carla Nayland,
Teresa from A Dedaleira
Holly from What Were You Expecting


  1. ah, já fiz

    e demorei e demorei para o fazer. e basicamente, não sei quantos livros tenho, não quero saber ( embora tenha suspeitas da ordem de grandeza correcta) e teria raiva de quem soubesse. e preciso de mais livros. e mais estantes.

  2. Xiii, não só o fizeste como eu respondi a esse post... tinha-me esquecido completamente :-(

  3. Is Outlander really that good? I've only ever gotten up to chapter 5.

    P&P is a favorite of mine, too. I think that will be the hardest question to answer...I have way more than 5.

    I'll get to this later in the week. :)

  4. I think Outlander is very good, worth making an effort to get into it. It's certainly not an easy read :-)

    It's interesting how P&P keeps coming up on a lot of favourites lists ;-)

  5. Não faz mal - eheh tentativa gorada de me fazer confessar quantos livros realmente tenho, hein? :) Nope, nem às paredes confesso.


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