Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I was a bit worried when I first heard of this series. It's not everyday you have a serial killer as a hero and I wasn't too sure I wanted to watch it. But A. and A. recommended it and I decided to give it a try as soon as I got my greedy hands on it.

I was pleasantly surprised and, of course, I was soon hooked. Yes it is a bit weird at first but at the end of season 1 I can safely say that in a different way Dexter does have a code of honour and does seem human, more human than he himself thinks he is.

In episode 1 Dexter starts to explain how he is empty, without feelings and he has this urge to kill people. Recognising that, his foster father, a cop, decided to teach him to protect himself and to only kill the ones who deserve it. Now that he is an adult Dexter only kills other killers who have escaped justice. His actions are always analysed in monologues he has with himself in which he thinks about what he does, how that makes him feel (or not feel) and his relationship with his foster sister and his girlfriend. Also in the first episode a body is found cut to pieces and with no blood. This mystery of who that killer is will last till the end of season 1 and the game that starts between Dexter and that killer will bring him memories of the past and will allow him to know himself better.

Girls, I am now a convert! I'm ready for season 2!


  1. I've just started watching season 1. Also thought it a bit weird to make a serial killer the main character but there is something to him that makes you like him!

  2. Looking forward to your opinion when you finish it :-)

  3. Looking forward to your opinion when you finish it :-)


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