Monday, October 29, 2007

Muffin's Weekend

I don't usually like to cook but A. shared a recipe for muffins with me and it seemed yummy so I spent the weekend baking Muffins. Lemon Muffins to be more precise! They tasted great and I think I'll bake them again in the near future. Since it is seldom I venture into the kitchen for these culinary adventures I thought these deserved to be recorded for posterity:


  1. Good thing I made the same recipe and you can't make me jeallous. ;-)

  2. Rosario, you can eat them too, I didn't use sugar, only an artificial sweetener :-)

    Ana O., I thought exactly the same when I saw yours ;-D

  3. Yours look very good too, Ana! Since I know you really like Christmas, I think I have a christmas muffin recipe somewhere. That might be fun to try!;-)
    You used Canderel, Ana? I made a cake for my grandfather, who is diabetic, last year and it really worked well.

  4. Oh I would love to try the Christmas muffins, please please do send the recipe :-)

    Yes I used Canderel and it was great!!


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