Monday, October 8, 2007

Porto Covo

A few years back Porto Covo was immortalized by a famous portuguese singer in one of his most famous songs. From a small fishermen village it became a huge tourist place which is invaded by crowds from July to September.

It was my first visit and loved it...

the local church

general view of the village

on our way to the beach

the beach

Pessegueiro Island with it's old fort destroyed in the 1755 earthquake

and the fort on the coast opposite the island, they were supposed to protect the coast from pirate attacks...

More pictures


  1. Beautiful, and I loved looking at the pics as I listened to the song. Added a whole other dimension to it, lol!

  2. Azul, azul, azul... Que saudades! Dava tudo para estar agora naquela praia.*sigh*

  3. Ro, did you understand the words? Pity it's bit too far to go an a 1 day trip...

    também eu!! :-)

  4. The song brought back memories. Love the song! It's by Rui Veloso, right? Beautiful pictures, I'm so green! :D


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