Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas is Around The Corner

The Christmas Season is my favourite time of the year!

Yes I'm one of those crazy people who really likes Christmas. Not the frenzied shopping attatched to it (I worked in one of Lisbon's biggest shopping centers for 4 years and that was enough to traumatise me) but I do like giving gifts to the people I love, I like to craft my own presents, I like the family gatherings, the traditions involved, how cold it always is outside, the Christmas music you hear everywhere, getting Christmas cards in the mail, Christmas lights on the street, how everyone seems nicer and friendlier at Christmas...

I have 2 traditions of my own regarding this period. I read lots of Christmas stories in December and I always craft at least 1 Christmas ornament to add to my collection. I'm already late this year as I haven't thought what I was going to do but hopefully soon I'll have an idea.

What about you? Any particular Christmas traditions?

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