Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chasing Trouble - Anne Stuart

And it's another interesting and funny story by Stuart, this time with a Film Noir theme. Lovers of Phillip Marlowe and The Maltese Falcon can find lots of references to both in this book.

Sally MacArthur decides to hire a private detective to find her missing sister and valuable manchurian falcon in jade. She gives a false name but Diamond quickly sees through her and although at first hesitant about helping her he soons finds himself running after the bad guys with her.

Throw in the mix a father who seems oblivious but knows everything, a mother who has more marriages in her past that she can remember and a crime family who wants the falcon to sell it to the chinese mafia and you are in for some adventurous fun.

Sally and Diamond are really nice characters even if he does do his best not to be. He is thinking to himself what's the best way to get rid of her for most of the book but at the same time he can't stop himself from liking her and try to help her. It's only in the end that he admits to his feelings. It's a light and quick read but really really good.

Grade: A

How I wish I could have the Maltese Falcon to watch again now!

And I've just realised that there is not one Anne Stuart book in the AAR Top Ten Poll. Unbelievable!!!!

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