Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dr House

I like Dr House! He is sarcastic, rude, funny and often wrong! Well, not completely wrong but that differential diagnosis method means they often get things wrong before they get it right! It's interesting to see how they get there though.

I like his interaction with the other doctors, almost on equal terms with Wilson, confrontational with Cuddy and mentor/student with Foreman, Cameron and Chase. With these 3 he is often agressive and sometimes downright insulting.

I really like how excentric he is, how he keeps watching soaps, how he flaunts his Vicodin habit in front of everyone and how when he is proved wrong he immediately goes in search of the right answer. How he never makes excuses for his behaviour nor confronts his team when he finds them talking about him (Foreman usually critisizing, Cameron defending and Chase not really caring...).

Yep, there's all this and a lot more to enjoy on Dr House. I've just finished season 1 and I'm really glad I have 3 more seasons ahead to watch.


  1. You do do you? Then behave! :-P

  2. Oh I am the most well behaved girl you've ever seen!!! Really!!! :-D

  3. I can even see the angel wings! :-P

  4. Oh and I tried so hard to hide them...under one of those black leather jackets I've been seeing so much of lately ;-P

  5. IMO, House is the best written show on Primetime TV. Wait until you get the forth season.

  6. It's great to know it only gets better :-D


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