Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Regency Christmas V - Anthology

In Sandra Heath's UNDER THE KISSING BOUGH a gentleman decides to visit his country estate after having his heart broken and he meets the young Lady who previously lived there with her family. Everything seems to go smoothly till the woman who broke his heart returns to win him again. Nothing really original. A C

In Gayle Buck's SEASON OF JOY a misunderstanding almost leads to a betrothal breakup. I think the hero refusing to hear the truth was a bit forced but I liked the idea of them getting to know each other through letters. A B-

In Laura Matthews's THE VISCOUNT AND THE HOYDEN a young man visits old friends of his family and falls in love with the older daughter even if she tries to pair him up with her cousin. I thought the fact that the characters fell in love slowly was refreshing. A B.

Emily Hendrickson's THE CHRISTMAS MOUSE starts off really well, a young woman tretaed as a poor relation by her family receives an inheritance and moves to her own house. There she meets a young man who helps her settle in and introduces her to the neighboors. I had some trouble with the ending as the hero adopts a cold atitude not to be considered a fortune hunter and the heroine decides to propose to him. Too awkward I think. B-

Mary Balogh's NO ROOM AT THE INN is a story I had read and reviewed previously and it was a story I quite enjoyed. If publishers ever decided to reunite all her short stories like they did in the Under The Mistletoe anthology I'll be a happy reader. You can read about the story here. A B (I enjoyed it more than the first time around)

Grade: B-


  1. Hello ! Where do you find these anthologies ? I made a search on the Internet yesterday and they are very expensive...

  2. Some I traded for and others I found on Bookmooch...


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