Friday, January 4, 2008

A Christmas Baby - Annette Blair

Although the story is called A Christmas Baby it's not set during the Christmas season. It refers to a baby that should be born before Christmas.

A desperate rogue, a consolation prize of a guttersnipe bride, and an untimatum to be met... a bride with a babe in her belly by Christmas. Not an easy task when the bride's been riding a pig.

What's a rogue to do? Give her a bath... to begin with...

I had read two books of this series previously and found them too modern in tone for my tastes. This one was no exception. Lord marries inkeeper's daughter that he "wins" in a game of cards where everyone was drunk and her father cheated. He proceeds to make her his bride because he will only receive his grandfather's fortune if he gets married and has a baby till Christmas. It's the kinf of plot that I could read and enjoy if the dialogue, the setting, the behaviours were according to their time. Unfortunately none of that happens here and to top that we are introduced to a 6 year old child who talks like she is 15...

Grade: C

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