Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Western Winter Wonderland - Anthology

I bought this anthology because it had a Cheryl St John story and I've been hearing so much about her lately. I'm afraid I ended up not being very enthusiastic about it and my favourite was Pam Crooks story.

Christmas Day Family by Cheryl St. John
Marvel Henley thought she was content until the new handsome doctor Seth Paxton and his adorable kids crashed into her life! Suddenly she began to yearn for things she had long stopped wishing for…

This story started really nicely and I was really enjoying how the characters were developed and the way the story went. But suddenly I realised that Marvel is actually hiding a secret and that's why she doesn't want to get married. I didn't feel that was in accordance with her previous behaviour and character and that kind of ruined the story for me. I wanted her to show previously some kind of inner conflict and I never felt that. A B-.

Fallen Angel by Jenna Kernan
When Abby March is accidentally shot she and her young boy are taken into a rugged stranger’s care. Dark and mysterious, Ford Statler hides a softer side and offers much more than just a Christmas to remember…

This story was also a nice one but overall it had a modern feel that I couldn't shake off, I think it was the dialogue and how Ford immediatelly starts treating Abby by endearments that prevented me from enjoying it more. And the whole wanted poster idea sounded to weird... A B-

One Magic Eve by Pam Crooks
Chet Lattimer is attracted to Sonja Kaplan despite local Gossip, and he finds himself asking Sonja for help with his motherless little boy. With Christmas on the horizon and magic in the air, their lives just changed…forever!

This was my favorite story. Chet believes some malicious gossip about Sonja but due to his son's actions he is forced to spend more time with her and realises that none of what he believed is true. Sonja has always been attracted to him and being forced to spend Christmas Eve together will allow them to show their feelings for each other. A B.

Grade: B-

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