Friday, April 4, 2008

What a Gentleman Wants - Caroline Linden

I was a bit unsure about starting this one after not having enjoyed the first one but I must say this one was an okay read and despite having a plot that forces you to suspend your disbelief it worked quite well.

Marcus Reece, duke of Exeter, doesn't need a wife, let alone one he didn't choose. Hannah Preston wouldn't have chosen him, either, if she hadn't been tricked. But in each other, they'll both discover everything they never knew they always wanted …

I was a bit incredulous how the brother could sign his marriage certificate with his brother's name and the marriage be valid. Or that someone would prefer to perpetuate that lie instead of telling the truth to his family. But once that part was over I went on to enjoy Marcus's and Hannah's relationship.

And that relationship was what made it work for me. I really liked how she portrayed both characters. Marcus always proper, respectable, discreet and responsible and Hannah, who shares much of the same characteristics but has the added worry of having to support her daughter. With those temperaments and finding themselves living a lie it's easy that their tempers occasionally clash but also that they start feeling attracted to each other.

In fact I think I would have preferred if we're just to focus on that instead of having the added mystery. I wasn't too surprised to discover who the villain was but the twists and turns of that plot were a bit lost on me.

Grade: B-

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