Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Shoes!!

I have a wedding tomorrow and just couldn't resist buying some new shoes. Arent these sandals just lovely?

And I was feeling like quite adventurous so I painted my toe nails red. I quite like it!


  1. Oh, nice and sexy, both the sandals and the red nails! And the sandals do look comfortable as well!

  2. Hi Ro! I just love them! They have really high heels but hopefully I wont fall down eh eh

  3. Wooohhoooo... Sexy! ;-)

  4. And I just spent the day pampering myself with a facial, hairdresser... the whole package in preparation for tomorrow! :-)

  5. Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice! I'm absolutely obsessed by shoes, so I'm very envious at this moment (I'm always envious of other people newe shoes :oP)
    And I love the red nails also, I started doing the same to mine (hands and feet) last year and am a fan :)
    Photos, yes!!!

  6. Sorry girls, you know how much I hate having my photo taken so I never take a camera to weddings. I bought 2 from the photographer but it will take time for them to arrive. ;-)


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