Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Coffin Dancer - Jeffery Deaver

The Coffin Dancer is America's most wanted hit-man. He's been hired by an airline owner who wants three witnesses disposed of before his trial, and has got the first, a pilot, by blowing up the whole plane. Lincoln Rhyme has the task of keeping the witnesses safe and finding the Coffin Dancer.

The second book in the Rhyme/Amelia series shows them facing a killer that is almost as smart as they are. The Coffin Dancer is an old nemesis of Lincoln Rhyme and the man he most desperately wants to catch for personal reasons as much as professional.

He is a hired killer and his next assignment is to kill two federal witnesses, who may testify against an arms dealer, and Rhymes is determined to stop him. As in The Bone Collector Amelia does the legwork and Rhymes analyses the information and decides where to look in a fight against time to keep everyone safe.

Unfortunately, not all the witnesses like to stay put and safe and it seems the killer is working with a partner so not only they have to follow the puzzling leads but they also have to control the witnesses. Deaver manages to include quite a few surprising plots twists in the action and the book really is a page-turner.

I quite liked how he developed Rhymes and Amelia’s relationship, it wasn’t always easy for Amelia and she was a bit lost for the a while but the end is promising.

Grade: 4/5


  1. I have the first book of the series on my nightstand, waiting for its turn. :D Can't wait!

  2. Oh,I highly recommend it Leya, I loved book 1!


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