Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From the Heart: Five Regency Love Stories - Anthology

Another anthology with 5 regency stories, I find them the perfect reading material for when you have little time and want something short.

The Anniversary - Mary Balogh
No doubt one of my favourite Balogh short stories, she has a knack for providing us with enough back story and multi dimensional characters even in so few pages and it was a delight to read about a couple, estranged since their wedding, who come together on their second wedding anniversary. Thanks to Balogh wonderful writing one can feel their pain and fears and truly rejoice in the happy ending.
Grade: 5/5

The Wooing of Lord Walford - Anne Barbour
A young gentleman who needs to win a wager convinces one of his oldest friends that she must marry one of his old school mates. He teaches her everything about how to conquer him but in the process realises he loves her too and doesn't want to lose her. This was a funny story even if somewhat predictable.
Grade: 4/5

Cupid's Dart - Melinda McRae
Another friends to lovers story but this one with an older couple who have in the past enjoyed each other's company. The story takes place during a house party thrown to help the hero find a wife but he realises the one he wants is right there. I'm afraid it was my least favourite because it failed to engage me.
Grade: 3/5

Devil's Luck - Anita Mills
A gentleman wins a young woman's hand in marriage in a card game. In reality he has no intention of going through with it but only to teach an old irresponsible father a lesson. But as soon as he meets his prospective bride he is embroiled in the family's affairs and finds he may have struck gold after all. I did enjoy the storytelling very much but felt the ending was a bit rushed.
Grade - 4/5

The Impostor - Sandra Heath
The hero goes to visit his friend's unknown bride as a favour and ends up being confused with him and leading to a big misunderstanding while he and the heroine can't help falling in love. When the truth is revealed she believes herself betrayed and it will take him some effort to conquer her.
Grade: 4/5

Anthology grade: 4/5

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  1. Sounds like quick and interesting reads with just the right amount of entertainment in between. Thanks- Regency love stories are the best!


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