Friday, July 3, 2009

Period Drama Challenge

Couldn't resist joining another challenge after all, especially since I'm one of the organisers. This one is a different challenge because instead of books we are planning to watch DVDs.

There are several themes to choose from:

- Kings & Queens (central plot around royalty)
- Through the Centuries (1 movie per century)
- Wars & Revolutions (plot set during a war or revolution)
- Bonnets & Hessians (set during the Regency)
- Victorian Mist (set during the Victorian era)
- Maids & Knights (set during the Middle Ages)
- All Over the World (1 movie per country)

And several levels of difficulty:

1. Just looking (2 movies)
2. Becoming interested (4 movies)
3. Faithful viewer (6 movies)
4. Clearly addicted (8 movies)
5. Undoubtedly obsessed (12 movies)

I still have to do my list but the challenge is open till July 1st, 2010 so if you like historical movies and TVseries why don't visit Lights, Camera... History! and join us?

Updated to add my choices:

Bonnets & Hessians
Emma (BBC 1972)
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Emma (BBC 2009)

Kings & Queens
Jodhaa Akbar
The Other Boleyn Girl
Henry VIII

All Over The World
Devdas (India)
Little Women (US)
Hercule Poirot's Christmas (UK)
Agora (Egypt)

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