Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Additions to the TBR Pile

In the Morland Dynasty series, the majestic sweep of English history is richly and movingly portrayed through the fictional lives of the Morland family. It is 1689, and Annunciata, fiercely loyal to the Stuart cause, follows King James II into exile, leaving her gentle grandson Matt to care for Morland Place. In her absence he contracts an unwise marriage with India Neville, a woman as heartless as she is beautiful, who drives him between the extremes of passionate love and deep despair. When James III—the Chevalier—returns to claim the Stuart throne, the Morlands are reunited in one country. The rebellion fails, and Annunciata’s sons are on trial for their lives, but defeat and even death itself cannot conquer the Morland sprit.
 It is 1772, and England is peaceful under George III, and Morland Place flourishes under the careful tending of Jemima and her loyal husband Allen. Their seven children often bring them heartache, but they are sustained by their love for each other and their absorbing interest in improving the estate lands. But beyond England’s shores things are not so calm. Morland cousins find themselves embroiled in the American war for independence, and the family’s bastard offshoot, Henri, disports himself in the salons of Paris while outside revolution creeps closer.

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  1. I had heard of this book somewhere and hadn't noted it down. This time I will. Thanks.


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