Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Books by Elizabeth Chadwick


Wild Hunt Trilogy

1. The Wild Hunt (1990)

2. The Running Vixen (1991)

3. The Leopard Unleashed (1992)

William Marshal

1. The Greatest Knight (2006)

2. The Scarlet Lion (2006)

3. The Time of Singing (2008) aka For the King's Favor

4. To Defy a King (2010)


Children of Destiny (1993) aka Daughters of the Grail

Shields of Pride (1994)

First Knight (1995)

The Conquest (1996)

The Champion (1997)

The Love Knot (1998)

The Marsh King's Daughter (1999)

Lords of the White Castle (2000)

The Winter Mantle (2002)

The Falcons of Montabard (2003)

Shadows and Strongholds (2004)

A Place Beyond Courage (2007)

Lady of the English (2011)

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