Friday, May 10, 2013

2013 Portuguese Historical Fiction Challenge Update

The computer is finally working again so it's time for another update on our list of books read for the Portuguese Historical Fiction Challenge. I haven't posted my review yet because I lost it when the computer crashed (along with a few others) and I have to devote some time to write those again.

I'm really enjoying seeing the list of entries grow and I have been writing down the titles that I want to try. There are a lot of books that I hadn't heard of before and the reviews make them sound really interesting.

  1. Quando Lisboa Tremeu by Domingos Amaral - reviewed by Mady
  2. D. Dinis by Cristina Torrão - reviewed by Inês Montenegro
  3. Já Não se Escrevem Cartas de Amor by Mário Zambujal - reviewed  by Inês Montenegro
  4. Quando Lisboa Tremeu by Domingos Amaral - reviewed by Inês Montenegro
  5. Angola, o Horizonte Perdido by António Coimbra - reviewed by Inês Montenegro
  6. O Remorso de Baltasar Serapião by Valter Hugo Mãe - reviewed by Mady
  7. O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo by Jose Saramago - reviewed by Mady
  8. Além Tejo by Catarina Pereira Araujo - reviewed by Susana Patricia Rosa
  9. D. Maria I, a vida notável de uma rainha louca by Jenifer Roberts - reviewed by Inês Montenegro
  10. Exilados by Manuel Arouca - reviewed by Inês Montenegro
If you want to join the challenge  and/or add any reviews you can find the details here. Looking forward to see what other books will be joining these on my next update.


  1. From that list the only one I've read was the one by Saramago, and I liked it much. Wonderful irony there.

    1. Maybe you should grab another of his books and join us in this challenge.

      I just received Alem Tejo in the mail. I read the review (mentioned above) and just couldn't resist a book inspired by Pride and Prejudice and North and South.


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