Monday, July 15, 2013

NCIS LA - Season 4

I don't think I have ever mentioned my enjoyment of NCIS - LA here on the blog. Maybe because when I started watching it I wasn't immediately hooked. In the beginning I had already watched a few episodes of NCIS but wasn't following that series, when I heard that a spin off was in the works and that it starred Daniela Ruah I just couldn't resist sitting in front of the TV screen.

At first I thought that undercover house a bit silly and Hetty Lange a bit cartoonish. And the main characters didn't seem to have the necessary spark to make me follow their adventures.  But I persevered and episode by episode they won me over. Now, I love Callen and Hanna's interaction and of course Deeks (a late addition to the series) and Kensi's relationship. I enjoy the action but also the humour, the jokes and funny dialogues. It's not one of those serious TV series, here they all seem to be having a good time and I found that I liked that.

In season 4 we see the return of several of the bad guys that this team fought in previous seasons. They team up to get their revenge on the NCIS agents and in the final episode they do seems to have the upper hand. But besides chasing bad guys the adventures of this team also revolve around finding out Callen's past and true parentage, Hetty Lange's unorthodox recruitment methods and, in later series, Hannah's dealing  with his wife who is a fellow agent. Besides Hannah none of them seems to have much of a family life and that is addressed at different moments in the series.

As the previous seasons this one closed with a bang and now I am waiting for the next one to see whether everyone will make it (I peeked and everyone has signed up so yes they do make it) and what is going to happen next in their lives. Anyone else watching it?

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Season 4

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