Thursday, January 5, 2006

Books by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson Series

Moon Called2006 
Blood Bound2007
Iron Kissed2008
Bone Crossed2009 
Silver Borne2010 
River Marked2011

Alpha and Omega Series

On The Prowl (Novella)2007 
Cry Wolf2008 
Hunting Ground2009 ISBN: 044101738X
Fair Game2012 ISBN: 0441020038

Anthologiesy and Short Fiction *

Wolfsbane and Mistletoe2008 ISBN: 0441016332
Homecoming (Graphic Novel)2009 ISBN: 0345509889
Strange Brew2009 ISBN: 0312383363
Naked City2011 ISBN: 0312385242
Home Improvement2011 ISBN: 0441020356
Down These Strange Streets2011 ISBN: 0441020747

Raven Duology

Raven's Shadow2004 ISBN: 044101187X
Raven's Strike2005 ISBN: 0441013120

Hurog Duology

Dragon Bones2002 ISBN: 0441009166
Dragon Blood2003 ASIN: 0441010083

The Hob

The Hob's Bargain2001 ISBN: 0441008135

Sianim Series

Masques1993 ISBN: 0441520995
Steal the Dragon1995 ISBN: 0441002730
When Demons Walk1998 ISBN: 0441005349
Masques (Rewritten)2010 ISBN: 0441019420
Wolfsbane2010 ISBN: 0441019544

*These stories may reference events or characters seen in the series, but are not integral to the plot of the primary series.

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