Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Chair For A Little Boy

Last year I painted this chair just for the fun of it. It's painted in blue and white and the seat shows 2 bears on a beach.

It has been stored in our apartment but now I think I found a good use for it. One of L's cousing will be turning 1 year old at the end of the month and I think this is the perfect gift to decorate his room. In no time he will be able to use it as he already walks.

The only thing I think I could improve is that if I had painted the seat white before gluing the bears the effect would be much better.

I sure hope he likes it! :-)


  1. I'm sure he'll love it! It's awesome! Hell, I'd like to have one like that if not for the fact that it'd probably break under me ;)

  2. tbm queria comprar um conjuntinho de mesa e duas cadeiras pr pintar pr o quarto dos meus pequeninos :-)
    esta tua está muito fofinha!!!


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