Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Which Mary Stewart Novel Should You Read?

I just requested my first on on BM which was Madam Will You Talk... If I like it I'll look for this one.

Which Mary Stewart novel should you read?
Your Result: The Ivy Tree

Mary Grey had come from Canada to the land of her forebears: Northumberland, where Hadrian built his wall nearly 2000 years ago. There she meets one of the angriest, most threatening young men Mary had ever seen. His name was Connor Winslow, and from his spate of words Mary discovered that he thought she was his cousin--a girl supposedly dead these past eight years. Alive, she would be heiress to an inheritance Con was determined to have for himself...

Airs Above the Ground
Wildfire at Midnight
Touch Not the Cat
Nine Coaches Waiting
Madam, Will You Talk?
This Rough Magic
My Brother Michael
Which Mary Stewart novel should you read?
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Found this on Ro's blog!

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