Saturday, January 27, 2007

You Can't Hide - Karen Rose

I don't like suspense or terror movies but it seems I can't get enough of reading them. I must thank A . for lending me this book. I had never heard of Karen Rose but she enjoyed it so much I got curious.

Terror has forever changed the life of psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli. Someone is tormenting her patients, pushing them to commit suicide, and setting her up to take the blame. But Tess can't break her oath to protect her patients' privacy at all costs. Even when detective Aidan Reagan demands a list of everyone she's treating. Even when the mounting danger threatens Tess herself.

Tess Ciccotelli is a psychiatrist with many troubled patients. She was once employed by the state to examine criminals and help put them behind bars. When in one of those cases she declares a child and cop killer unfit to stand trial she becomes persona non grata and eventually her contract is ended.

So when one of her patients comits suicide and all of the evidence points to her being behind it she quickly finds herself treated as the main suspect. As more patients die it becomes obvious that Tess is the target of a very clever killer who wants to ruin her life by setting her up to take the blame and to make all her other patients desert her.

Aidan Reagan is a cop with no sympathy for the famous doctor but as the action progresses his feelings start to change. From disliking her intensely he goes to being her main protector.

I really liked how Karen Rose plotted the book, the suspense was great, not only about the Who but also about What is going to happen next. The characters were well developed, I particularly liked how we don't get to know them all at once. It's as the action progresses that we find out what makes them work and feel the way they do.

Regarding the villain I have to say I thought about that person as the possible villain from very early in the story. But I kept second guessing myself so when the truth is discovered I was happy I was right and not disappointed because I had guesses it. The villain's motivation were what I was thinking and a bit more. There are some hidden parts of the plot that are only explained in the last few pages thus contextualizing the why.
A solid B and I'm quite happy that her next book Count To Ten is coming out soon because I plan to read it too!

Not so happy that I just discovered that You Can't Hide is the second book in this series and now I have to go find the first one: I'm Watching You.


  1. Ana, I have exactly the same opinion about this book.:)
    I think we can easily identify ourselves with the characters, they are trully attaching and so real. The plot is also really well built and you are hooked since the first pages. Karen Rose never reveals all at once and when she is done with you, you are breathless.
    She also achieves something (at my eyes quite difficult) which deserves some praise, the perfect balance between suspense and romance.
    For me, she is clearly one of the best writters in romantic suspense right now and I do hope she will continue to write such captivating stories. No need to say I'm looking forward for Count to Ten.;-)

  2. Oh by the way, I read I'm Watching You last night and...EXCELLENT! I'll send you this one as well, if you want.;-)

  3. Karen Rose has been on my radar for a while. I have one of her books in my TBR, but I haven't read it yet. The title is "Have You Seen Her?".

  4. You know Ana, I recently read my first Karen Rose novel, it was named Can You See Her? and it was an absolutely fantastic read, I gave it an A- and decided to read more of this author. She characterizes very realistically and the novel was so captivating that I could barely put it away to go to university *g*.

  5. Well ladies, it seems she is a favourite :-) I'm planning to read some more of hers soon!


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