Monday, March 5, 2007

A Dark and Stormy Night - Anne Stuart

This weekend I read another one of Anne Stuarts old categories and I really enjoyed it.

A dark and Stormy Night has a sort of a gothic feel. The hero O'Neal lives alone with his housekeeper and her son in a big house by the cliffs, dark and brooding he hides secrets about his family and has no friends.

Katie Flynn, the heroine, is lost in a storm and almost dies in an accident after she sees a ghost. She is rescued by O'Neal and brought to his house to rest and wait for the weather to clear again.

She is mighty intrigued by O'Neal who seems to not want anything to do with her and a bit afraid of the housekeepers son. Soon more ghosts make an appearence asking Katie to save O'Neal and the housekeeper and her son show their true colors. But there's still a secret behind O'Neal's behaviour and his guilty conscience about what happened to his family.

As I said I greatly enjoyed it. I'm not that much into the paranormals that seem to be fashionable these days but I really liked the paranormal elements Stuart inserted here. The copyright is from 1997 so it's almost like she predicted the current trend of ghosts and shapeshifters. Besides she is one of the few authors (actually maybe the only one as I can't seem to remember any other) that I read in these category format and actually manage to write a fully developded story in so few pages.

I'm going to grade it an A- because it was a really nice read and I know I'll want to read it again in the future.


  1. He sure was, between him and his mother it was a tough choiceo pick the most evil.

    Now I'm reading Heath Lightning also by Stuart. Have you read that one?


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