Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you all of you who emailed me and left comments with happy birthday messages! I had a really nice day, despite the doctor appointment, and enjoyed myself very much.

Can't resist sharing with you one of the presents I got. I had looked at my Mom's old sewing and embroidery books many times and mentioned I would like to have some myself. My brother and sister in law surprised me with a copy of "Enciclopédia da Agulha". As the name says a type of Encyclopedia of Embroidery and Sewing. It's really interesting and I've already spent some time looking at it, on the other hand I couldn't help laughing out loud because the fashion presented in the sewing department is exactly the same as the ones in the first edition...
I may learn the "how to" but I wont be doing it exactly as presented that's for sure!

And today it's party time again because it's L's birthday!

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