Monday, April 16, 2007

Dying For Chocolate - Diane Mott Davidson

Well I couldn't resist starting this one immediately after finishing nº1. As with the first one I enjoyed it but with some reservations.

This time Goldy has taken a job as a live-in cook on the house of some very rich people who have an excellent security system. That seems to be the most important thing since her ex-husband is becoming more of a threat. The plot thickens when the shrink she has been dating dies in a very weird automobile accident.

As usual Goldy ends up investigating on her own. However I thought the action moved a bit slow. In the middle we deal more with Goldy's problems with her son, what people around her are hiding, her relationship with the shrink, etc... that is also important for the action but I didn't feel it was well inserted into the story so it distracted me a bit from the mystery plot instead of making it more dense.

When the pace picks up again and it comes back to what is really important regarding the murder mystery I became more insterested again and the end was a real surprise for me. Actually there were several surprises at the end.

I'm hesitating between grades but the truth is that even with these flaws I couldn't put it down so I'll give it a B-.


  1. You are beginning to tempt me with these books!

  2. eh eh eh just sharing how much I enjoyed them :-) I put them on Bookmooch page for trade if you care to take a look...

  3. Too late, I just Mooched them off you! ;-) I had the first one in my Wish List for a while and now I'm curious to see if they're as good as you say.

  4. I hope you enjoy both of them :-) And have you tried Joanne Fluke's culinary mysteries. I really enjoyed those too.

  5. I haven't read them yet but I have "Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder" in my TBR pile.
    By the way, I received Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs in the mail the other day from a BR, and you're next in line, but I've noticed you already read some of the books in the series. Are you still interested in receiving them?

  6. Yes please, I've only read one yet :-)

  7. Great! Then when I'm done with the first one, I'll PM you for your address. :-)


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