Friday, July 13, 2007

Organising the Closet

This is totally off topic from what I usually post about but... do you organise the clothes in your closet in any particular way? Because I don't and after twenty odd years of dealing with a disorganised closet it's finally driving me crazy that I never find the pants or the shirt I want. Not to mention when I finally find a item I had already forgot I owned...

I was so annoyed this morning that when I sat at the computer to write this post it was the first subject that came to mind. I'll have to draw an organisation plan and spend the weekend doing it before I get so mad that I decide to throw half of it out.

So any organization tips you want to share?


  1. I have the same problem, Ana. It makes me crazy when I cannot find what I want but I was never able to really organise all my clothes. My boyfriend is always making fun of me because I spend more time searching for a t-shirt than to take a shower and get dressed... Sometimes, it's a nightmare.:)

  2. LOL I guess I'm in good company then ;-)

  3. I have organizational issues. My closets have to be organized. Since I just moved in with MM, my closets are a disaster area and it drives me INSANE!

    I have two closets (now) and will organize them as follows:

    Closet 1

    MM gets half. His shorts/pants go on the shelf in a clear plastic bucket so he can see what's in there, but they won't be hanging over the edge. T-shirts come first on the rod, organized by color. Then long sleeves towards the back, also organized by color. I do light to dark (I told you I have issues).

    On my side, my shorts/capri's go on the shelf, also in clear plastic containers. Then tanks and sleeveless shirts, organized by style, then color. I.e., strapless by color, Spaghetti straps by color, then tanks by color, etc.

    On the floor of the closet go flip flops. They're organized on a three shelf wooden organizer thing. Black flip flops on top, tan/khaki on the middle and colors on the bottom. Also organized by style and color.

    2nd closet has dresses and t-shirts (or shirts with sleeves). MM doesn't get any space in this one. LOL

    Also organized by style then color. Shoes go on two, two shelf racks, by color and style. (I'm almost ashamed to admit I have close to 200 pairs of shoes, hence the "Summer shoes, flip-flops, winter shoes" thing.)

    All winter clothes go in the spare room closet, organized by person, color, style. All my sweaters and winter shoes go in clear plastic zip-up bags you can get at Wal-Mart for about $5 a piece. That way I can see what's in them, just in case.

    Hall closets are organized by shelf: Sheets on one. Twin size (for Little Man's bed) on one side, queen (for the girl's bed) in the middle and king (for our bed) on the far side. Towels are separated by bathroom. Dark blue for the main bath, light blue for ours. etc, etc.

    See, issues, I tell you. Want me to come organized your closets?? LOL

  4. Yes please!!! I think you should be a professional organiser :-)

    Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try and organise the closet tomorrow.


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