Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Perfect Groom - Samantha James

I've had this book in my TBR pile for quite a while and I can't remember why I put it there. I decided to pick it up last week and see how good it was. I had already started it when I realised it was part of a trilogy but now that I've finished it I think there are no problems if you read it as a stand alone.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder…

Proud of his reputation as a rogue, Justin Sterling intends to be the first to bed “the Unattainable”--the Season’s most luscious debutante--and win the wager that’s the talk of the ton. However, he never expected the enchantress in question to be Arabella Templeton, who once stole his heart and owns it still. Now the notorious scoundrel will have to prove to her that his intentions are honorable…while protecting her virtue from every other rascal in London.

Arabella will marry only for love--and she does not need her childhood nemesis to act as her self-appointed guardian! Though the arrogant cad seems sincere, she is well aware of his rakehell history and won’t be swayed by his considerable charm and disarming good looks. For it would be pure madness for Arabella to ignore the voice of reason that whispers “beware!” and heed instead a traitorous heart that insists Justin Sterling would make…

I'm afraid I'm getting too demanding in my readings or maybe this one just didn't struck a cord with me, I found it very predictable while I read it and now I don't remember it all that well anymore.

Justin Sterling overhears some of his friends placing a bet about "the toast of the Season". A girl called the Unattainable that they court without success. Sure of his success with the ladies he also places a bet that he will bed her within the month.
When he finally meets her he finds out that she is not unknown to him, as a young girl she humiliated him at a house party and they both still remember that scene. Predictably they feel attracted to each other and eventually are discovered in a compromising position and forced to marry. Since he never tells her about the bet she is naturally outraged when she finds out and leaves him. She however repents and decides forgive him and go back to him giving him and us an HEA.

Although it may seem I did not like the book that is not the truth, it was okay and I enjoyed reading it, it was just that it seemed I've read this story before. Sometime a few details is just what it's needed to make a story like this one seem new and fresh. Unfortunately for me that was missing in this one. Or maybe I'm just jaded...

Grade: C

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