Thursday, October 11, 2007

Zambujeira do Mar

Another place we visited during our vacation was Zambujeira do Mar, better known for it's rock concert during the summer. We found it an interesting village, not as well preserved in what concerns traditional arquitecture, one can tell that during July and August it must be invaded by tourists. But it was the best beach and fortunately in September not so crowded.

the church tower/bell

the church

the beach

the beach and the church up there

On our way back to Milfontes we stopped at this lighthouse in Cabo Sardão (it looks slightly at an odd angle but that's the photographer's fault, me!!)

Yep I like to photograph the names

this is starting to look like a blog about beaches :-)

The stork's nests on our way back...


  1. O pior disto tudo é saber que está aqui a chover e là venho eu ao teu blog ver fotos de praia e férias...*sniff sniff* Isto é tortura!!!!:P

    P.s. - Adoro Zambujeira do Mar!

  2. Ai aí está a chover? Aqui está a fazer sol! "whistle..."


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