Friday, November 9, 2007

Books and Video Trailers

It seems to be all the rage lately, every author is making video trailers for their books. Although I will watch the video trailers for books of authors I love I'm not tempted to watch videos from authors I don't know so I'm wondering why there are so many popping up everywhere? Is there a new generation of readers who are attracted to videos first and the book later? Are book trailers increasing sales? I wonder...

Here's one for Elizabeth Chadwick's new book:

You can check another for a Madeline Hunter book here

And Christine Feehan's books have not only book trailers but also TV adds


  1. I never ever watch video trailers, usually because a) I don't like them b) I don't like You Tube and c) I don't like every author springing onto the same bandwagon. Very pessimistic, but it's so boring seeing everyone running into the same direction and lots of amateurish results coming off it.

  2. I must confess to an unhealthy addiction to You Tube for a while but I think I'm recovering now lol

    Ever since Alex introduced me to the video clips of period dramas there I couldn't help spending a lot of time browsing for more and more. Of course with such an overdose I lost a bit of interest and am now ready for a new addiction!! :-D

  3. I'm also a YouTube addicted. There's lots of goodies in there!! You just need to hunt them down (right, Ana?LOL) and have lots of fun with it. At least I know I have!:)

    I think everyone is like that, you see something it seems a good idea and you go for it. Right now, everyone has a blog, right?;-) That's the same for those trailers, they give a quick idea about the subject of the book and they must work since there's so many of them right now.
    I do agree they look "amateurish" but to do something professional they had to have a better budget and I don't think most authors could afford it.:)

  4. This is the first time I'm hearing about video trailers for books, I watched the one about Elizabeth Chadwick's new book and confess I didn't really like it. But coming from a country where reading is scarce anything that entices more people to buy and read books is a good thing. Every time I go to London I marvel at the Underground ads for books, I know they're only for well known authors but nonetheless it's a new way to get people's attention that there's something besides television.
    One of the things I do find boring is the latest tendency to be against anything and everything, but that's just me!

  5. LOL, I am the minority it seems. It doesn't surprise me, when everybody else is panting after paranormals I kill for good contemporaries. Just finished Stef Ann Holm and it was sooooo lovely. I am pimping, can you tell *g*? Anyway, I don't care for those book trailers, for me it's rather a minus point against the author than the opposite. And yes, I agree, literally everybody is having a blog. I am so proud of myself that I am sticking to the project, and so far I have already written over 34 reviews, that's a bloody record. And the writing is doing me a world of good, just by looking up words and actually practizing English it has a rightful existence *g*.


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